Remembrance and Tribute

He was too young to die!

This coffee-table size, 278 plus page, sewn, hard-bound book contains 148 family submitted biographies, letters, and photos of men from across the USA. It also contains several other special stories. It is the second volume in this series of historical tributes to these men.

These stories will put a face to that name on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, and will portray the 'human side' of these men who paid the untilmate sarifice in the service of their country.

The depth of loss and grief that each of these families experienced is with them daily, for life. The emotions that will be stirred as you read this book, will bring tears. It is meant to bring tears. This should be a constant reminder to all of us of these losses, especially the younger generation who were not yet born during that period. Patriotism has a price, a price that has been paid many times before, from the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War.

It will now become more personal when celebrating Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, because the reader of this book will be able to put a face to that name etched in the Memorial Wall.

Your life and death will not be forgotten, you were heroes, everyone.

Yes, you were too young to die!


Thank you very much for your interest and support.


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