Minnesota's Vietnam Connection

This coffee-table size, 517 page, sewn, hard-bound book, contains family submitted biographies, letters home, and photos of 414 Minnesota men who died in the Vietnam War.

The stories will put faces to the names of these men who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country. It is a reminder to all of us about the horror, tragedy, and grief caused by war.

The human side of these men will effect you, for in each of them was a part of us, and in each of us a part of them. By understanding the impact of these losses, and the intense grief that is forever with these surviving family members and friends, we can all begin to share the pain of these tragedies.

The emotions stirred when reading about these men will change you. Hopefully, it will bring more humanity to your attitudes and make you more sensitive to all human losses, regardless of who, how, or where.

This book is intended to bring tears, and it will bring tears.

Remembrance and tribute to all veterans should never cease.


Thank you very much for your interest and support.

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