"I want to thank you for the book. I have been trying to heal a hole in my heart that I got when my dad was killed. Neither the Wall in Washington, nor the Wall in St. Paul, have been able to heal that hole. I think that 'THE FACES BEHIND THE NAMES'. is what I needed to start to heal. There are other people that feel exactly the way I do. This book is priceless. I owe you a thousand thank you's."

Tony Shereck, Son of
Captain James J. Shereck (Vol. I)
Mandan, North Dakota


"I cannot write enough words and praise for the remarkable book project, 'THE FACES BEHIND THE NAMES -- THE VIETNAM WAR'. It brings alive the servicemen who sacrificed their lives during those tragic years of the Vietnam War. My eldest son, Captain Michael Kelly Thompson, is one of them (Vol. II). Whereas the Vietnam Memorial Wall names these men, this book project gives a very personal touch with their pictures and life history. It is an unforgettable, heartfelt tribute, long overdue."

Ione M. Thompson
Gold Star Mother
Paradise, Michigan


"It's probably one of the most meaningful pieces we have in our library. I think anyone who reads it will have a hard time putting it down."

Dr. John Franzoia
Royalton Schools
Royalton, Minnesota

"The common bond of the 414 men written about in Mr. Ward's book is their death in Vietnam. But it is not a book about death. It is a book about lives. About hopes and dreams that could have been. Emphasized herein, is the true tragedy of war."

Gary J. Wisbar
Minnesota Vietnam Veterans Memorial Board

"The Faces Behind the Names provides a personal touch to America's most unpopular war. It's the families thoughts and feelings of some of Minnesota's bravest young men who fought and died. A must for every High School and Community Library."

Dale A. Hanley, Executive Director
Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA

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