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This significant historical project of gathering family-submitted biographies, letters, and photos of men killed in Vietnam is one of the most touching collections ever compiled of the men who were lost in that war. In these books, you will read comments from their families that remind us all of the terrible loss of America's young men and the life-time grief caused by this tragedy.

VOLUME II contains the stories of 148 men from across the USA. These human-side presentations allow the reader to grieve along with the families and to share in the losses our country suffered.

Each participating family receives a copy of the book at no charge. Some of the expenses are off-set by sponsorship of books to local high school libraries by American Legion Posts, VFW Posts, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapters, other veterans' organizations, and concerned citizens and veterans.

The Memorial Press is not a business. It is a one-man self-publishing endeavor by a former naval officer, historian/journalist, and graduate of the University of Minnesota who lost shipmates early in the Vietnam War. Don Ward felt a calling to report the family stories of the men killed in Vietnam. Quite simply, he felt compelled to put a face to the names etched in stone on the Memorial Wall.

Note: The search continues for contacts and surviving family members for future volumes of "The Faces Behind the Names." Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!


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